Good Night To Acne

A good night’s sleep is vital to every system in the body. That is why sleep deprivation is such an effective form of torture. Think about the last time you didn’t get a full night’s sleep – how did you feel the next day?

Probably not great at all – tests on drivers who were sleep deprived showed that it was as bad as having had a few drinks – reaction times were so slow. Sleep is also essential for hormone balance.

Hormone balance is essential to acne control s getting your full night’s sleep can go a long way to beating both stress and acne. Without enough sleep, the body feels stressed out and corisol production is heightened. Know more about the best over the counter acne treatment now.

And it is not just about getting the right number of hours but also about what sleep cycles you enter – you need to go through all four sleep cycles for good health.

The following will help you to maximize the chances of sleeping well and being fully refreshed when you wake up. This will help with your skin.

To begin with, you need to look at what is called sleep hygiene. This means that you need a bed that is supportive but not uncomfortable. The temperature in the room should be constant and cool.

Light interferes with our ability to sleep. Make sure that your room is as dark as possible before turning in. Specially designed blackout drapes can go a long way to accomplishing this. A sleep mask may also be beneficial. You can also read this exposed skin care review to learn more on how to eliminate acne.

Sound is another big no no here. If you live somewhere noisy, you need to look into getting a white noise machine to drown out the sound or to think about getting ear plugs.

You will also need to revise your sleep cycle. For best results, make sure that you are not exposed to artificial light for at least an hour before you turn in. Switch off electrical appliances.

Your TV and laptop are especially bad culprits when it comes to winding down and they can stimulate your mind. Ban them from the bedroom and switch off any LED lighting.

Get into the some regmine every night before bed and your system will quickly start to understand that sleep time is imminent. This will then become habit.

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